Frequently asked questions

What is the minimum age to register for an account on your website?
You must be at least 18 years of age to register for an account on our website.
What data do I need to provide at the time of registration?
In order to register with our service, just enter your username, e-mail address, and password. We also ask you to specify the payment password that will be requested each time you complete expense transactions.
Can I register for an account on your website if I am a citizen of North Korea?
Unfortunately, you cannot. The same restriction applies to Syrian citizens. There are no restrictions for citizens of other countries.
Is account verification mandatory?
You do not have to verify your account. But for unverified accounts, there is a monthly funds withdrawal limit of no more than 20 000$. If you cannot work within this limit, then please undergo account verification. In addition, only holders of verified accounts may refill their balance by bank transfer.
Will it be secure to send you my documents?
We guarantee the complete confidentiality of your data. You can also be sure that your data will not fall into the hands of third parties).
How long does it take to undergo verification on your website?
Processing time directly depends on the number of applications from other users. The verification process can take up to 5 days. But, as a rule, most applications are processed within 24 hours).
Is it possible to make money and not just to spend it through your site?
Yes, we provide an investment trust management investment service for our users. You can learn about the proposed interest rate and maturity terms in the corresponding section of your personal account).
Are you planning to enlarge the list of supported digital currencies?
We are constantly striving to improve our service. We plan to implement innovations on our site every month. They will include enlarging the list of supported digital currencies (including cryptocurrencies) as well as other functions.
In what currency are the transactions on your site?
All transactions are converted to USD at the time of the transaction. Topping up and withdrawals in cryptocurrency are also done in accordance with the exchange rate at the time of the transaction.
How fast are the payment transactions?
All transactions are instant and automatic. Occasional delays may occur due to minor technical issues.